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Causes and Ways to Overcome Baldness

Most people begin to experience baldness at the age of 50 years, but there are also experienced it at the age of less than 21 years. This condition can be caused by several things, ranging from heredity to certain diseases. To be able to overcome baldness, we need to know first what the causes are. Severe hair loss can cause baldness. There are times when baldness forms a certain pattern. Some resemble the M shape because baldness only occurs in the temple area or round on the top of the head. This condition often occurs in men, but women can also experience it. Causes of Baldness About 100 strands of hair will fall out every day, but this does not cause baldness because new hair will grow at the same time. New baldness will occur when hair growth is disrupted or hair follicles are damaged. Some things that can cause baldness are: Genetic or hereditary factors. Hormonal changes. Certain conditions or diseases, such as malnutrition, syphilis, anemia, thyroid disorders, and fun
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This is a common eye disease

Eye disease is a health disorder that is quite common in society. Complaints can be in the form of red eyes, itching, burning, vision problems, to blindness. Of the many eye diseases, there are several eye diseases that are common in Indonesia. Eye disease can strike anyone and at any time. The treatment also varies, some heal by itself, there is also a need for medical treatment (for example with eye pain medication) from an eye specialist. To anticipate this, do regular eye examinations so that eye disease is quickly detected and treated as early as possible. Frequent Eye Diseases Here are some common eye diseases that occur in Indonesia: 1. Conjunctivitis This eye disease occurs when the soft tissue around the eyes becomes inflamed and makes the eyes red, runny, sore, and itchy. Conjunctivitis can be caused by irritation, allergies, or infection. If caused by a bacterial infection, the eyes can become festering. This condition is one of the things that often makes eye pain i

This Impact of Divorce Against Children and How to Help

Divorce is often seen as a way out of various household problems. Some people choose divorce to resolve conflicts in the household, but forget that divorce can also have a negative impact on children. Divorce parents can leave scars in the minds of children. In fact, the wounds suffered by children may continue to be carried into adulthood. The impact that may occur on each child can vary depending on the age of the child at the time the parents divorced, the condition of divorce, and the child's personality. Things to Consider Before Divorce Divorce can cause children to experience setbacks in their ability to learn and feel unfamiliar with parents when they are adults. Some children whose parents divorced when they were 5 years or younger, do not feel a special bond with their parents, or have uncomfortable feelings when with them. Not only that, children whose parents divorced will generally feel mixed emotions, between shock, sadness, anxiety, anger or confusion. Some ch